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Years of experience in the fencing industry!

We have been distributing temporary fence panels for over 9 years! Located near Toronto, Canada, we service all of the Greater Toronto Area and provide our temporary fencing panels to consumers all over North America! Our Canadian-made temporary fencing is the perfect solution for construction projects, agricultural enclosures, crowd control and so much more!

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"I've been building homes for years and have continuously been renting from them. Amazing service and great quality fencing"
Marco B.
"They shipped out panels to us here in Alberta and we're very happy with the turnaround!"
Jamie R.
"They're quick to respond and have helped me after-hours on numerous occasions!"
Chico D.

Top-Tier Temporary Fencing Canada

Are you looking for portable fence panels? You have landed in the right place! We are one of the top-rated temporary fencing Canada suppliers.

Our premium choice products have proven time and time again to be superior to other fencing products, such as chain-link fences, because of the following:

  • Better security

  • Durable and long-lasting material

  • Easy installation

  • Better appearance

  • Rust-resistant (hot-dipped galvanized fence panels)

  • Low maintenance required

  • We have any mesh size you require

From residential properties to industrial and construction sites, we have supplied them all with our top-of-the-range, hot-dipped galvanized, and temporary fence panels.

Call us today and we will have one of our highly experienced contractors furnish you with a free quote.

Why Would You Need Temporary Fencing Panels Canada?

Most people may think that temporary fence panels Canada are something they are not likely to ever need. However, you may be surprised at just how many situations could have been made easier with the right temporary fence.

Let us look at four circumstances where our fence panels come in handy:

Construction Site

This is the most well-known application of temporary fence panels. Whenever a construction site is being planned, one of the first requirements is to set up a temporary fence. This is done for two main reasons:

  • To protect the members of the public from wandering onto construction sites where they will be at risk from falling objects and heavy machinery

  • Temporary fence panels control access to construction sites, which helps minimize theft and vandalism, two of the biggest problems in the construction industry

Special Events

If you are having some special events, crowd control is a big concern. Setting up a temporary fence will help direct the movement of people from one point to another, making it easier for the organizers to manage the events.

Agricultural Activities

A lot of agricultural activities, such as paddock construction and segregation of different fields, require boundaries to be changed periodically. Temporary fence panels would save you from having to install and up-root permanent boundaries all the time.


If you have some equipment that you need to keep for a short time, temporary fence panels can provide the ideal solution to prevent theft until the day you are ready to move your stuff.

Benefits of Temporary Fencing Canada

The following are some of the important benefits of installing a temporary fencing Canada:

  • Keeps sites secure

  • Cost-effective means of creating a boundary

  • Restricts trespassing, theft, and vandalism

  • Keeps children safe (a playpen)

  • Controls crowds

Temporary Fencing Canada Rentals vs. Buying

Before you go out and buy a temporary fence, you need to consider how long you will need it. Some situations may call for simply renting one from a fence company.

An example is if you have landed a three-month construction contract. Surely buying a fence, in this case, would be a waste of money unless you are going to need it on your next job.

On the other hand, if you have ongoing activities that require a temporary fence, for example, you own an event company, it might be worth it to buy temporary fencing Canada panels outright.

In either case, we provide both services and some advice as well if you are not sure which option is best.

Choose the Right Temporary Fence Panels Supplier

Whether you are going to be satisfied with your temporary fence panels or not depends on your choice of fence provider. Take your time, do your research, and choose a reputable supplier.

Here Is Why We Are the Top-Rated Temporary Fencing  Canada Depot

We are the number one supplier when it comes to temporary fencing Canada. Here is why:

High-quality Products

We only supply the best products to our customers, for example, our hot-dipped galvanized fence panels that are weather and rust-resistant.

Temporary Fencing Canada Has Extensive Experience

With many years in the temporary fencing Canada industry, we have acquired the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the very best services. We have a dedicated crew that has done and seen it all, and you can benefit from that level of experience.

Best Value for Money

You might be hesitant to invest a substantial amount of money in our hot-dipped galvanized steel products, but it’s worth it. After you realize just how long our products will last, you will recognize that what you are getting is real value for money.

Superior After-sale Services

Our customer service and support do not end the moment you complete your purchase. We have a wide range of after-sale services that we offer, such as routine maintenance and inspections.

Call Temporary Fencing Canada Today!

Fencing your property, even temporarily, should always be done carefully and correctly. Those temporary barriers can be the difference between life and death in, for example, construction sites.

If you are in the greater Toronto area, or anywhere in North America, contact Temporary Fencing Canada now and let us discuss your temporary fencing needs!


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